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Quick-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:Property purchase funding.First time novice property investors, more experienced developers, companies owners and directors or home owners.

We have and continue to set up cheap fast auction finance on a daily basis. Get the cheapest funding for business purposes from FBSE or find the best deal from our network of homeowner lenders.

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Telephone hotline 0845 467 9798 for homeowners.

Telephone hotline 0845 463 1714 for business use.

Telephone calls are accepted between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

On Saturday, office is open from 10am to 2pm.

Feel free to apply online for a quick commercial bridging loan any time of day or night. All web enquiries are usually monitored up until 11pm at night through the week and up to 8pm on weekends.

Short term secured property funding

If the house you are buying is being bought for 65% of its true value or less, you can even get financing from us with no money down. We also offer a no upfront set up fee system. Get in touch today to see how these systems could work for you and your quest to get the best, quickest deal you can on your high value borrowing.


Auction purchases.

Working with experts like quickbridgingloans.uk means property auction bridging loans are sorted without hassle.

Buying BMV

Even with bad credit you can score funding to use at auction when dealing with lenders directly.

Low cost funding

Non status borrowers increase odds by asking several auction finance lenders about financing.


A sample of the companies we can work with should we not be able to offer you bad credit bridging loans or non status finance.