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Quick-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:No property sale fees.

Agent fees

This is a private sale between you and QuicksSale.co.uk so you don't have to pay any sales commission to any estate agent.

Quick-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:Residiential property bought.


With the proceeds from the sale you can clear all your bills, mortgage, remortgage or secured loans and be stress free.

Quick-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:All sales fees paid for you.


We will pay all the legal fees normally left with the seller when it comes to seeling any type of building in the UK up to £500.00

Quick-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:The sales price paid out within one week.

Within 3 days

Depending on if or when you accept our offer and how quickly you can get your solicitor to work on the paperwork completion can be in 3 days.

3 day completion


Contact them about selling fast.


View, valuation and survey undertaken.


The quick sale offer made which should be a full 90% of the homes true value combined with nothing for you to contribute.


Paperwork sent over to your solicitor.


House sale completed with funds electronically sent to your bank account.

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Sell within 5 days

Quick-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:House sales.

If due to not having high enough equity in the property or land you wanted to use as security, you are refused a bridging loan, we have investors that buy homes.

You will get a guaranteed 90% of the houses true value and all the usual fees you would be expected to pay in a conventional house sale are taken of for you. You pay nothing. You accept the offer sign the paperwork and that's it.

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Quick sale industry leaders

Every week there is an article in the national newspaper about rogue traders trying to fleece sellers our of thousands of pounds.

They simply make an offer on a property, have it accepted and then on the day of the sale pull out of the sale and then return with an offer way short of the agreed price.

We will categorically not pull out of any agreed deal.

At QuicksSale.co.uk we will give you our offer in writing and leave it open for a full seven days for you to think about or to find other property buyers to seel if you can find a better offer.

It is highly unlikely you will get a better offer as most quick sale companies offer 75% of the property value as their highest offer.

So work with the experts and the mostt ethical property buyers in the UK, those professionals at QuicksSale.co.uk

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This website will be used to get an idea of what the properties in your very street are, or have been selling for.


The cash to purchase the building is sat waiting in a private bank account and will be BACs'ed instantly.


Visit QuicksSale.co.uk which has all the up to date information about a quick house sale.


Above is a small selection of information as to how and why your home can be bought so quickly.

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