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Get in touch with QuickHouse.co.uk  today to arrange a property viewing by one of our vastly experienced property experts.

Quick-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:Guaranteed ninety percent sale price.

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We will view survey and value in one visit and then make you a cash offer as soon as we have seen the home or house for sale.

Quick-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:All you do is agree to sell and sign.

All fees paid

We do not charge valuation or internal or external survey fees and pay up to £500.00 towards your legal expenses.

Quick-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:Funds from the sale in your account within 7 days.


We can complete the whole process within three to five working days and arrange a move out date that is suited to you not us.

Easy sale


Contact them about selling fast.


View, valuation and survey undertaken.


The quick sale offer made which should be a full 90% of the homes true value combined with nothing for you to contribute.


Paperwork sent over to your solicitor.


House sale completed with funds electronically sent to your bank account.

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Guaranteed 90% offer

Quck-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:Sell house

Unlike other property companies, we will give our offer in writing. It will be a legally binding offer that will be left on the table for you for five days. Simply accept this offer and we will do the rest.

No estate agencies are involved, so no commision to pay. We conduct our own surveys and valuations, which you are not billed for. We even pay for the EPC and contribute £500.00 legal fees. 

 Arrange a viewing 

A sale designed for you

We do all the work. All you have to do is make intial contact with us. From that point we will take over. 

All you have to do is agree a time and date for us to meet at the residential property you could be interested in a quick sale on. 

When we visit we will conduct our own private valuation and an internal and external survey.

We are then, with the research we have prvious to our meeting, ideally situated to work out the true value of your home and able to offer our guaranteed, non negotiable ninety percent of the true value offer on your home, or which ever property you want want to sell.

We have the funds to complete sat waiting in a UK bank account, so as soon as the paperwork is completed and signed off by the legal teams, the transaction will be completed.

It's that simply and we can even arrange a move out date the works for you.

Arrange a viewing



This website will be used to get an idea of what the properties in your very street are, or have been selling for.


The cash to purchase the building is sat waiting in a private bank account and will be BACs'ed instantly.


Visit QuickHouse.co.uk which has all the up to date information about a quick house sale.


Above is a small selection of information as to how and why your home can be bought so quickly.

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